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Ausschreibung des 13. Dünsberg Marathons 2019 am 29.09.2019

Ausschreibung 2019 als PDF-Dokument Download

1. Strecken:
Minimarathon: 28,9 km mit 609 Höhenmetern (HM)
Kurzstrecke: 55,4 km mit 1.371 HM
Langstrecke: 84,3 km mit 1.980 HM


Die Anmeldung für die Langstrecke beim 13. Dünsberg MTB Marathon ist bis zum 23.9. weiterhin geöffnet.


Streckenprofile: www.duensberg-mountainbike-marathon.de

9:00 Uhr Long-Distance.

Minimum number of participants: Up to 30.08.2013 at least 65 valid applications for the long haul must be available. When not reach the minimum number of participants to 30.08.2013, the previously valid applications are allowed to start on the short distance.

9:20 Uhr Short-Distance,

9:40 Uhr Minimarathon
Drivers meeting and starting grid 15 minutes before the start of each race

Start and Finish:
Großsporthalle Biebertal (follow the signs)

Start-Nr. hands out and late registration:

Großsporthalle Biebertal
Sa. 14. September – 16.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr
So. 15. September – 7.00 Uhr until 45 minutes before each start respectively

Entry fee:
Minimarathon € 19,-     Short-Distance € 28,-     Long-Distance € 35,-
(Registration after 31.08.2013 plus 10,-€ for the Short- and Longdistance and 5,-€ for the Minimarathon)
The entry fee includes basic food and drink on the course and in the finisher’s area, time-keeping, marking out and securing the course, fee for first aid services, local authority fees, mountain bike washing service, start number and online results service.



Authorized starters                                                                                                                Both licensed and hobby bikers will be judged in the same class together. The start will be carried out in blocks of about 200 bikers together. Licensed bikers start in the first block.


Entries:                                                                                                                                      The easiest way to enter is via the online entry form on


Entries must have a date of birth and a choice of distance (mini-marathon, short distance, long distance women or men) and licence number where applicable.

Registrations are only valid with payment of the entry fee to the following account:
Sparkasse Wetzlar, BLZ: 515 500 35, Konto-Nr.: 250 081 86

For transfers from other countries:
BIC: HELADEF1WET     IBAN: 97 5155 0035 0025 0081 86

Online registration only until Tuesday 10 September 2013, 24:00 Clock. After that, only on-site registration up to 45 min before starting.

Student/U15   Jg. 1999 - 2000 (only minimarathon)
Youth/U17   Jg. 1997 - 1998 (only minimarathon)
Juniors/U19 Jg. 1995 - 1996 (only minimarathon and short distance)
Junior-Women/Women Jg. 1984 - 1996
Men            Jg. 1984 - 1994                                                                                                                                                  Seniors I      Jg. 1973 - 1983
Seniors II     Jg. 1963- 1972
Seniors III    Jg. 1962 and older
Senior Ladys  Jg. 1983 and older

Prices - Longdistance:
Men 150 / 100 / 75 EUR

Seniors I 75 / 50 / 30 EUR

Seniors II 75 / 50 / 30 EUR

Seniors III 75 / 50 / 30 EUR

Women 100 / 75 / 50 EUR

Cups for places 1-3

Prices Minimarathon and Shortdistance:
Prizes for place 1-3 in the classes
Medals for place 1-3

(From the BDR-prize scheme was deviated)

Dropping out of the race:
All participants who finish the race early and do not enter into the Finish have to report this to the timingteam within the Finisharea.

Timing and Results: ***SPORTSTAR***, Schotten

In the southernmost tip of the Westerwald you will find ideal conditions for mountain biking. The AMC Rodheim-Bieber e.V. in DMV invites you to carry out your sport in the particularly beautiful and at the same time sportingly challenging landscape of the forests of Biebertal. One of Biebertal’s most beautiful landmarks is at the same time its trademark : the 500m high Dünsberg.

Overnight stays – information and bookings:
Tourist information Gießen Tel.: 00 49-641-975 11-60 fax: -61 

Conditions of participation
1. It is obligatory for all classes to wear a helmet.
2. The rules and regulations for competitions of the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer -The Association of German Cyclists - apply. The mountain bikes must be in perfect technical working order.
3. The course which has been well-marked for the competition must not be deviated from! The highway code applies. Motorised accompanying vehicles are not permitted!
4. It is absolutely prohibited to smoke or start a fire in the forested areas! The discarding of drinking bottles and other objects is also expressly prohibited and will lead to disqualification and/or possible legal consequences via the appropriate authorities.
5. The course will be monitored by safety personnel and stewards. Their instructions are to be followed without question.
6. The participants accept explicitly with the entry to the Dünsberg Mountain Bike Marathon the exemption from liability of the event organisers from damage/injuries of any kind.  All participants take part at their own risk. They renounce any right to take legal action against person or persons involved in the running and organisation of the marathon. 
7. The organiser accepts no liability for damage or injuries, nor for the loss of bikes or other materials.
8. Persons under the age of 18 can only take part with the consent of a parent or legal guardian in the form of a signature, which they must be able to produce on request.
9. On picking up the start number, participants will be required to sign a declaration of athlets.
10. Information under the data-protection act:
Your entry details will be saved electronically.


Sparkasse Wetzlar