Rinn GmbH & Co. KG AMC Rodheim-Bieber Tour der Hoffnung



In the southernmost tip of the Westerwald you will find ideal conditions for mountain biking. The AMC Rodheim-Bieber e.V. im DMV invites you to carry out your sport in the particularly beautiful and at the same time sportingly challenging landscape of the forests of Biebertal. One of Biebertal´s most beautiful landmarks is at the same time its trademark: the 500m high Dünsberg. 

To get more starters on the long distance we have modified the long distance.  The distance and altitudes are determined by GPS and speedometer.



Mini-marathon: approx. 27km with 600m altitude difference


Short distance: 1 lap of course approx. 53,5km with 1370m altitude difference


Long distance men: 1 lap of short course and 1 lap Mini-Marathon approx. 81 km with 1970m altitude difference